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Hi everyone,

I got involved with microprocessors over 30 years ago (born 1965). Today I teach computer architecture and microprocessor systems and I also design embedded systems, mostly based on Cortex-M uCs. My newest retrocomputing thing is SDC_One - a low cost, simple to build, fully functional computer with classic CPU being the only vintage component. I am going to present the project here soon.

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Hello everyone!

I'm Stephen Pereira, A.K.A smp. I've been involved with personal computing since I purchased my Altair 8800 kit back in 1976.

I graduated college with my BSEE in 1975. MSCS in 2002.

Retired in October 2016, and I'm loving every moment of it.

Notes from my past history:

In November 1976, I opened the first computer store in NH: Microcomputers, Inc. We sold IMSAI, Polymorphic, and Northstar kits, and assembled cards and computers. We attempted to sell complete systems into local small businesses. My partner and I operated until the fall of 1978, when we went broke.

I have (currently working):
Altair 680, IMSAI 8080 with JAIR-8080 CPU replacement running CP/M v2.2, HP-86B with HP-82900A Auxiliary Processor (A.K.A. CP/M System) and HP-9121D floppy disk drive, HP-110+ with HP-9114 floppy disk drive, HP-200LX, HP-41CL, HP Jornada 820, TI-74 BasiCalc, Apple IIC+, Apple IIGS (ROM 3), Tandy 2800HD, CoCo 3 with SDC, CoCo3FPGA, Heathkit H8, Osborne 1, Osborne Executive, Kaypro 2, Macintosh 512KE, Macintosh PowerBook 170, Macintosh Graphite iBook 466MHz (M6411), DEC PDP-11/23;

and (currently non-working):
(another) Kaypro 2, Heath/Zenith Z-110, SPARCclassic, a small variety of Macintosh desktop units.

Plenty of stuff here to keep me busy. I recently purchased a Tiny68K board from Bill Shen, and I'm having a blast playing around with it.

Thanks for listening!

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jason (or on my YouTube channel, "Corneleous Worthington") I'm super excited to find this forum and like-minded people! Smile

Here's my computer history:
My first computer was a Commodore 64, but growing up I enjoyed playing with a lot of computers (it seemed like each of my friends in the 1980's had a different kind of family computer to use) A couple of friends had VIC-20s, a nuch had C-64s like me, a bunch had PC XTs and PC ATs (or clones), one friend had a Timex Sinclair/1000, etc. My dad was a speech writer, and I remember he used to bring home a TRS-80 Model 100 for work, and that computer was neat! At school there was a yearly field trip to a science center, that had Commodore PETs we'd program BASIC and LOGO on, and they also had Apple IIs. Later in highschool we had Mac Plus/Classics. So, growing up I came into contact with all sorts of neat/awesome computers! I used to love to type in games and programs from Compute! and Compute!'s Gazette, and I absolutely LOVED calling BBSs. Later, in the mid 1990s I hosted my own BBS, a Wildcat!4.20 single line system on a 386 built from dumpster-dive parts! Those were the days!

I've been bitten by the electronics bug. Back in college, I got a job fixing circuit boards from pinball machines, video games, and juke boxes. That started a love of circuit boards, and lately, I've started designing my own. I designed a single board computer, called the "PE6502", which is very much like a suped up Apple 1. I talked about it on my YouTube channel (starting with my design and early breadboard experiments) and eventually, once I had boards made, people started reaching out to me asking if they could buy one! I wrote a really cool instruction manual, and started selling kits of this computer through my website ( I've been selling a lot of kits, and have lately decided to start designing/selling a sound-card add-on (SID compatible for you Commodore fans) I'm also going to start selling a full kit of the Zeta2 computer (from Sergey Kiselev, and thoroughly documented here on RetroBrew Computers forum, where you can also buy just the board I believe) so if someone wants to build one, they can buy everything they need in one kit. I promised Sergey I'd write a detailed assembly manual first, so that even a newb could build one and feel comfortable, so I'm working on this now. It will come with the ROM already burned with the awesome firmware made by Wayne Warthen, Douglas Goodall, and David Giles (RomWBW) which includes CPM, a monitor, and other cool features.

Other projects:
I'm restoring a broken Apple II+ I got off eBay. I've got the display capability running, but it looks like my keyboard encoder is blown up. I'd like to make a new one using off the shelf components (I'm thinking an Atmel or PIC microcontroller based system).. I could use some collaborators on this if anyone would like to help. My strong suit is hardware design and implementation. I kinda suck at software!

I also cloned the awesome Briel AltairMicro- I wanted to buy one, but Vince is currently not selling them. I sure hope he starts selling his awesome products again! I hear he might sell through ReactiveMicro? If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know! I've built my own, and it is fully functional, but there are a LOT of parts in this- I have no idea how he was able to sell these for a reasonable price. This was a really fun project though! What I'd really like to do is, design a front panel for use with the Zeta2, so that the Zeta2 computer can be mounted in the AltairMicro style case, and can have the panel be a fully functional interface (in addition to a real S100 backplane too, so old-school cards can be used with the new tech SBC Zeta2). Now THAT would be cool!

OK, sorry for the ramble, and I hope this didn't sound too much like a commercial! I'm just excited to be here and to talk to you guys!

Please check out my YouTube page
to see my electronics projects:
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My name is Graeme,

Quick computer history, First computer was an Acorn Electron back in the 80's, First PC was a Chendai that belonged to my uncle that was loaned to my parents when they started their business. First PC owned was a Toshiba T1000 laptop. Went through the process f 286,486 and pentiums. Was a Windows 95 beta tester and one of a handful who managed to remove the os back to DOS with reformatting the hard drive , didn't have a lot of choice as the family business was on the computer i was using lol took me about 19 hours straight to find all the hidden directories and files and get a functioning dos based machine back. Last windows machine was XP as i jumped to Macs.

I have been working in the High End Audio industry for 23 years mainly as a speaker designer, went self employed in 2012 which has meant me learning a lot more electronics as active and streaming become more common place.

Have interests in old cars and electronics sadly whilst micro controllers interest me i cant program, recently started watching the 8 bit guy on you tube which sparked an interest in the old computers of my childhood then found Sergeys projects and this group. Currently have the Micro88 and the backplane which i hope to get building in the next month as time permits

Im sure i will have questions and always looking for things to build

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Hello everyone,

I'm Ale, and I love retrocomputers. I grew up with a Brazilian TK-85, Z80-Based and a discrete clone (no ULA) of the ZX-81. I have several half-done projects involving 68K (68000, 68020, 68040), Z(x)80s, and some on the drawing board for 8086, 80188 and K1801VM1 (Russian PDP-11 clone). I'm quite proficient with FPGAs what brings the dilemma: is something FPGA-based a "real" computer or not...

A Tiny040 would be great ! It would probably have to be a "double decker", the 040 is quite a large package at ~5x5 cm.

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Hi everyone
I have been working with computers since 78. I started on an IBM system 34 doing COBOL and RPG programming. My first computer that I owned was a hand built trs-80 model 1, found out at the time that you could order the boards at the local radio shack and I got a copy of the model 1 technical reference manual. I collected up the parts and built it myself, my grandpa built me a case for it out of wood ( wish I still had that computer). I was an assembly language programmer for a long time, worked with z80, 8080, 8086, 6502, 6800 and 68000. I just got the boards for the zeta v2 and the z80-mbc2 and am working at finding the parts. I also own my original model 4p, had it since 87. I like to work in retro computer scene and tube audio equipment. Teach at the local community college, my program is computer networking, my main area of expertise. I also work on the side as a system engineer/administrator for a bunch of local companies.
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Hi everyone,

My name is Ross, I am an electronics engineer and I like to repair and play with old computers and technology. I design modern electronics in my day job. Unfortunately modern technology makes it very hard to have a complete understanding of an entire system, unlike previous times.

Thanks to everyone for keeping retro computers alive and for sharing their designs!
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I am the software engineer that has been born about 20 years too late and now desperately trying to catch what I've missed.
Spending my childhood on decomposing various devices into pieces now trying to do the opposite.
Enchanted by beauty of 68000 architecture, trying to build my first m68k based computer.
Hoping to have a lot of fun.
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