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16-Dec-2018 Bill Shen (Plasmo) released his Z80SBC64 RC2014 board which is a low parts count 20Mhz+ Z80 based board using through-hole components. wiki forum

14-Dec-2017 jonb provides a new VGA screen font for the Multicomp which offers greater clarity. wiki

14-Dec-2018 jonb documents adding Samsung K6R4008 high speed RAM to the Multicomp use a SOIC36-DIP adapter board. wiki forum

12-Dec-2018 jonb documents how to overclock the Multicomp Z80 to 25Mhz. wiki

9-Dec-2018 Bill Shen (Plasmo) released RC2014 Generic 8-bit Processors Prototype Board. wiki forum

29-Nov-2018 John Coffman released version 2.0 of his SBC-386EX ECB board. wiki forum

7-Oct-2018 HiTech Z80 C V 4.11 release to public domain. forum

New source and test procedure for SBC6120-RBC Edition CPUs. See forum post here and here.

Plasmo's (Bill Shen) RC2014 projects, including Z280, 68K and prototype boards.

Re-build CP/M-68K for the MC68010 on the Tiny68K SBC

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