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 [[http://​www.retrobrewcomputers.org/​lib/​exe/​detail.php?​id=start&​media=zetaresized.jpg|{{:​zetaresized.jpg?​300|zetaresized.jpg}}]] [[http://​www.retrobrewcomputers.org/​lib/​exe/​detail.php?​id=start&​media=zetaresized.jpg|{{:​zetaresized.jpg?​300|zetaresized.jpg}}]]
-<note important>​**Forum outage (RESOLVED):​** The web hosting company applied some updates to the server hosting the site on 13-Feb which broke the forums. **As of 8:45 PM Pacific on 15-Feb, the forum should be up and running again. Email admin@retrobrewcomputers.org if there are any issues.**</​note>​ 
 ===== Welcome! ===== ===== Welcome! =====
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