Generic UNA

UNA is a BIOS for the Z80/Z180 Single Board Computers including SBCv1, SBCv2, Zeta2, MarkIV. There are hooks for N8/2312 and CPU280, but these boards are for the future.

The binaries may be burned to 128K or 512K EPROM or Flash (recommended) chips. A 1024K version may be burned to EPROM.

When the version number changes, or a full initialization is requested, UNA will search for a console device in the following order: VGA3 > PropIOv2 > UART. The UART used will be the default serial device on the particular CPU board.

Note: VGA3 support is added in version 3.0, currently in alpha testing. (24-Jul-2017)

Custom Console

 The console search may be limited to a single device if you cannot stand this 10 second delay.  Use BUILD.BAT (on DOS/Windows) to create a BIOS binary for a specific console.

Specific console versions are named: UNA-UART.BIN, UNA-PROP.BIN, UNA-CVDU.BIN. They are built from UNA-BIOS.HEX by changing one byte in the file.

[please note: CVDU support is not yet available, but will be]

BIOS updates

If you use Flash ROM, BIOS updates may be done by copying the UNA-????.BIN file to the top-level directory on a CF or SD card. Starting with UNA snapshot #93, UNA can read disk unit 0 and update the Flash chip.

Currently, AMD and SST (Microchip) flash memory is supported. Flashing Atmel chips is coming.


Binary & Source Releases

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
una-3.0-47beta-binary.zip804.0 KiB2017/08/06 14:45
una-3.0-47beta-source.tgz281.2 KiB2017/08/06 14:46
una043b.zip645.6 KiB2015/10/31 18:44
una043s.zip390.5 KiB2015/10/31 18:44
una_2.1-binary.tgz613.8 KiB2017/02/17 17:29
una_2.1-binary.zip614.1 KiB2017/02/17 17:29
una_2.1-source.tgz1.2 MiB2017/02/17 17:29
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