BIOS version 3.5-1 of 29-Apr-2021

Major changes:

  1. Roll in the updates from 3.4, without the floppy disk bug.
  2. from 3.4: Int 16h fn 05 fix for FreeDOS
  3. from 3.4: Cosmetic change to RTC/NVRAM backup query by SETUP

File uploads:


  1. All binaries for the SBC-188 version 1 (or ver. 2) are here:
  2. All binaries for the SBC-188 version 3 are here:

Inside each v? you will find ZIP files for each of the possible consoles: ANSI, WYSE, CVDU, or VGA3. One level deeper inside, there are binaries for each possible size of ROM chip: 64k, 128k, or 256k.

Source code for all of the above binaries is here: :software:firmwareos:sbc-188:source_3.5.tar.gz

And once again, here is the distribution of the great-grandfather of all the mystery games, ADVENTURE.

The utility program FDISK86.EXE may also be of interest.

JRC 4/29/2021

Operating Systems

An excellent source for vintage DOS operating systems is the WinWorld Library.

I have run MSDOS 5.0, MSDOS 6.22, PCDOS 2000 (7.0). I know of others who have had success with FreeDOS, also.

NOTE: PCDOS comes with the E.EXE editor, which is the first WYSIWYG editor which runs on the VGA3.

JRC 5/17/2021

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