BIOS 3.4 – released 20-Oct-2020 – DO NOT USE

[BIOS 3.4 is a minor update to BIOS 3.3; the update to 3.4 is optional]

* A major bug has been found in this release. The floppy disk driver no longer works. Use version 3.3 instead. *

Major Changes

  1. Minor segment changes to the FPU emulator. This is not a bug fix.
  2. Bug fix in INT 16h, FN 05 that affects the FreeDOS loader.
  3. Cosmetic update to SETUP for the NVRAM backup. This fix is long overdue, and makes the SETUP choice very simple.

Binary files

For the SBC-188 v1/v2 boards use these binaries:

For the SBC-188 v3 board use these binaries:

Each binary distribution file contains a README with instructions for selecting the binary files depending upon the Terminal you are using: ANSI, Wyse, VGA3 or CVDU. Each one of those zip files contains .bin files for ROMs of 3 sizes. The basic ROM is 64K. But larger chips may be burned; they just have unused, unburned, space in them.

FDISK86, compatible with FDISK68 and FDISK80, is here:

MSDOS version of ADVENTURE is here:

And EMM4MEM.SYS for the 4MEM Expanded Memory board is here:

Source code

The common source code to the above is contained here: :software:firmwareos:sbc-188:bios-3.4.0_src.tar.gz

2020-Oct-20 JRCoffman

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