SBC-188 BIOS revision 3.3 – 10-Apr-2020

[BIOS 3.2 is now obsolete on all boards.]

Major changes

  1. Skip memory test when Reset key is hit; only do memory test on Power Up.
  2. Includes the new EMM4MEM.SYS and FDISK86.EXE utitlites (see below).
  3. Adds support for the high-speed IDE8 interface on the Version 3 board.
  4. Continues support for PPIDE (adapter on V1 board; connector on V3 board).
  5. Adds PPIDE support for the DISKIOv3 and MF/PIC boards.
  6. Adds serial support for the 2Serial_1Parallel multiport board. (aka 2S1P).
  7. Continues support of the Dual SD card board.
  8. Adds a choice to configure any fixed disk as the C: drive.


For the version 2 (or version 1) SBC-188 board:

For the version3 SBC-188 board:

For Adventure fun on either board:

See the 0README file in each zip for choosing the console and proper ROM size.

Source code for both 3.3 distributions: sbc-188:bios3.3_1.tar.gz Note that in the Makefile, “SBC188 = ?” will have to be modified to make the BIOS for either the ver. 1 board or ver. 3 board; e.g., “SBC188 = 1” or “SBC188 = 3”

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