SBC-188 BIOS revision 3.2 19-Feb-2020 (now obsolete)

Major changes (edit 50)

  1. Add support for more IDE disks on DiskI/O and MF/PIC boards.
  2. Allow selection of drive to assign as drive C:, the DOS boot drive.
  3. Remove disk support for the Dual IDE w/ Floppy board.
  4. EMM4MEM.SYS is updated to work on both SBC-188 v1/v2 and SBC-188 v3 boards.
  5. FDISK86.EXE is now available. It allows partitioning a disk for multiple uses; specifically it allows creation of RetroBrew CP/M slices at the start of the disk space.

The RetroBrew SBC-188 v3 board description is here.

SBC-188 v3 board files:

FilenameSizeDate 149k19-Feb-2020 155k19-Feb-2020 154k19-Feb-2020

SBC-188 v1/v2 board files:

FilenameSizeDate 148k19-Feb-2020 155k19-Feb-2020 154k19-Feb-2020

Download the BIOS file which corresponds to the DOS terminal you will be using: serial ANSI terminal, ColorVDU board, or VGA3 board. THESE FILES ARE FOR THE version 3 BOARD ONLY.

Common files:

source-bios-3.2-50.tar.gz 2Mb19-Feb-2020 670k19-Feb-2020 2k19-Feb-2020 220k19-Feb-2020

Note: EMM4M3M.SYS is included in the board BIOS dowloads. It need not be downloaded separately.

FDISK.ZIP includes FDISK86.EXE, as well as the other versions of FDISKxx for Z80, ZM68k. Documentation files are included (.doc, .txt, & .pdf).

The ADVENTUR.ZIP file contains the game 'Adventure', the granddaddy of all the virtual reality games. This game was written in Fortran for the DEC PDP-10, and was ported to MS Fortran for this PC release. The executable and data files must be in the same directory when playing.

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