T030 mk.II - 68030 SBC

The T030 is my attempt at a 68030 based single board computer capable of running Linux.

The mk.II version has the following specifications:

  • 68030 CPU running at 25 MHz
  • 512 kb ROM/flash
  • 512 kb SRAM
  • 64 MB DRAM (4 x 16 MB 30 pin SIMM)
  • IDE port
  • RS232 TTL-level console
  • SPI bus with 4 chip selects



KiCad project files :builderpages:tobster:t030_mkii_kicad.tar.gz

Schematic :builderpages:tobster:t030_mkii_schematic.pdf

Gerber files :builderpages:tobster:t030_mkii_gerber.tar.gz

Altera Quartus II project files / VHDL source for glue logic :builderpages:tobster:t030_glue_altera.tar.gz

Altera Quartus II project files / VHDL source for DRAM controller :builderpages:tobster:t030_dram_altera.tar.gz

ROM BIOS/boot loader source :builderpages:tobster:t030bios_src.tar.gz

Linux kernel patch for 4.4.174 :builderpages:tobster:linux-4.4.174_t030.patch.gz

Linux kernel patch for 4.9.156 :builderpages:tobster:linux-4.9.156_t030.patch.gz

Initrd image with simple BusyBox based root fs: :builderpages:tobster:initrd.gz

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