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 |[[:​builderpages:​sbrk:​start|sbrk]]|Zach Metzinger'​s projects| |[[:​builderpages:​sbrk:​start|sbrk]]|Zach Metzinger'​s projects|
 |[[:​builderpages:​nuclear:​start|nuclear]]|John (nuclear) Tsiombikas'​ retrobrews| |[[:​builderpages:​nuclear:​start|nuclear]]|John (nuclear) Tsiombikas'​ retrobrews|
-|W0TBD|Josh (W0TBD) adventures in 1s and 0s|+|[[:​builderpages:​w0tbd:​start|W0TBD]]|Josh (W0TBD) adventures in 1s and 0s| 
 +|[[:​builderpages:​tschaaps:​start|tschaaps]]|Thorsten Schaaps'​s builder page| 
 +|[[:​builderpages:​b1ackmai1er:​start|b1ackmai1er]]|Phil Summers Projects Page.| 
 +|[[:​builderpages:​scruss:​start|scruss]]|Stewart Russell'​s projects| 
 ===== How you add your own builder namespace/​start page ===== ===== How you add your own builder namespace/​start page =====
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