Builder Individual Pages

The table below lists individual pages created by members of the RBC community to show off their individual system builds, notes, brainstorms, etc.

Andrew BinghamExample User Page
Martin8bityMartin Lukasek's projets page
Alan JonesAlan's bulders page
Mark AndrewsMark Andrews' Projects Page
Walter AndersonWalter Anderson's Projects Page
Andrii KutepovAndrii Kutepov's builders Page
David FryDavid Frys's builders Page
Sarah KelleySarah Kelley's builders Page
Jonas EdinJonas Edin's builders Page
D. B. D'AnnunzioDennis B. D'Annunzio's Projects Page
Gary KaufmanGary Kaufman's Project Page
Herman CarlsonHerman (Greg) Carlson Projects Page
PositronJosé Luis Collado's Projects page
YodaDavid Mehaffy Build notes, etc
DavetypeguyDave London Builder Page
Brian O'SullivanBrian O'Sullivan's project page
RHKoolstarRienk Koolstra Projects
Trick-1Richard Edwards Build page
BrizzaNik Brisevac's builder page
PlasmoBill Shen's projects
sbrkZach Metzinger's projects
nuclearJohn (nuclear) Tsiombikas' retrobrews
W0TBDJosh (W0TBD) adventures in 1s and 0s
tschaapsThorsten Schaaps's builder page
b1ackmai1erPhil Summers Projects Page.
scrussStewart Russell's projects
kamprathMichael Kamprath's Project Page
mcozMichael Cvetanovski projects
mastmeesMadis Kaal projects
rvumbacaRosario Vumbaca's Projects Page
SimmoAndrew Simpson's Projects
JonBJonB's Project Pages
SimonJSimon J's Project Pages
MuellerkKurt's Multicomp Project Pages
tobsterTobias Rathje's Project Pages
feilipuPhillip Stevens' Project Pages
robgRob Gowin's Project Pages
CraigCraig Andrews' Project Pages
mikemacMike McDonald's Project Pages
speed3pleSvend Hansen's Project Pages
ashtonsAshton Snapp's Project Pages
alrjAmand Tihon's Project Pages
tastypiesDimitri Theulings' Project Page
-=JVM=-Joao Vaz Martins Project Page
FloobydustKevin Maier's Project Page
MMRC-Z80CW's Modern Method Retro Computer Z80 / Z180
lynchajlynchaj's project page
NotArtyomNotArtyom's Project Pages
EdzardEdzard Project Page
phillip m galloIntegrating CP/M into an 80's era 8085 based Board
tomstoreyToms projects
lszilagyiLadislau Szilagyi's projects
LarryLPage of Michael Meincke (LarryL)
adent (Martin Maly)Martin Maly's Computers and Online Assembler
mnarigonMichael Narigon's Project Page

How you add your own builder namespace/start page

The default “landing”/“start” page for a namespace is called 'start'.

Add a new row to the table and then create a new “internal link” (using the WYSIWYG editor) to :builderpages:<your desired name here>:start. Save your edits to this page, then follow the new link you created. On the “this page does not exist” page, click the “create this page” button on the right hand side.

Mini-Tutorial on Adding Yourself to the Builders Table

It's not difficult to add yourself to the list above, but if you're new to DokuWiki or the GUI editor the process may be a bit intimidating at first. Here are some more detailed instructions. It's easy!

Step 1. Adding Your Name To The Builder Pages Table

  1. Click the Edit button that's on the right hand side of the page, just below the table
  2. Right Click the last row in the table
  3. Choose “Row > Insert Row After”
  4. Fill in the Name/Username and Notes/Description columns of your new row
  5. Select the text of your name
  6. Click the link icon in the toolbar (it looks like a little chain link)
  7. Choose link type: Internal Link
  8. Fill in Internal Link: :builderpages:YOUR_NAME_HERE:start
  9. Click Save Button (below the editor pane)

Step 2. Adding Your Own Builder Namespace/Start Page

  1. Click on the link you just added to the table. (The page doesn't exist but the wiki will let you create it.)
  2. Click Create This Page
  3. Put some text on your page.
  4. Click Save
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