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In march 2007 Grant Searle introduced “CP/M on Breadboard”, a 9 chip Z80 CP/M computer using a CF card as mass storage device.

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I got inspired by his work and created my own version

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An FPGA implementation of the earlier mentioned Z80 system. Because the configuration supports a 50 Hz interrupt signal, MP/MII was added to the set of supported operating systems. Also “ROM” basic returns (in a way)

The system will run on Altera Cyclone II (EP2C5) as well as Cyclone IV (EP4CE6) miniboards

The system shown is a prototype of a compact version of a CycloneII-c board with added serial interface connectors (4 in total)


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In answer to popular demand: yes it works on a Cyclone VI too

These are the VHDLs I use,


I use the version 130 Quartus software

My miniboard is fitted with a 50 MHz oscillator

The board shown is a prototype compact version of James Moxham's work with 4 serial interface connectors.
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On Serial - USB interfaces

Following the FTDI 232 soap I found the following units based on the CP2102 chip to be cheaper and better. It is a 3v3 unit with voltage converter built in, but the inputs are 5v tolerant. A 5v Z80 SIO has no trouble with the 3v3 outputs. All necessary modem lines are available. There is also a 500 mA polyfuse in the 5V line

The board turns into a neat USB plug using a length of heat shrink tube.

look on eBay. They cost about $1.25 each

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