Procedures for Assembling and Installing non-banked CPM3 for Simple80

The CP/M3 distribution files are compressed with arj.exe. Upload cpm3.arj to Simple80 using XMODEM:

xmodem cpm3.arj /r

decompress with

unarj e cpm3

CP/M3 is now installed on the CF disk.

To install the CPM3 loader, send CPMLDR.HEX in Simple80 monitor and type 'c3' command to install CPM3 loader in track 0 of CF disk. To boot CPM3, type 'b3' command in Simple80 monitor.

Rebuilding CP/M 3 BIOS

There are two programs associated with CP/M3 BIOS, cbios3 and scb. ZMAC is the Z80 assembler for assembling cbios3 and scb. The commands are:

zmac –rel cbios3

zmac –rel scb

The resulting relocatable outputs, cbios3.rel and scb.rel are uploaded to Simple80 via XMODEMl

xmodem cbios3.rel /r

xmodem scb.rel /r

link bios3[os]=cbios3,scb ← create updated BIOS3.SPR

Generate an updated cpm3.sys using


  • set to no banked
  • N to double allocation vector
  • N to hashing for drive A/B/C/D
  • Y to overlay data buffer and directory buffer for A/B/C/D
  • also share buffers with drive A

Rebuilding CPMLDR

CPMLDR is a barebone disk operating system specifically for loading CP/M. Like CP/M, it also needs a corresponding BIOS to interface to specific hardware. The BIOS is 'ldrbios'. Here is the process of rebuilding CPMLDR with an updated ldrbios:

assemble ldrbios with zmac,

zmac –rel ldrbios

xmodem ldrbios.rel to CP/M environment

xmodem ldrbios.rel /r

Then link ldrbios with cpmldr to higher address such as 0x1100 to avoid conflicting with loading CP/M's CCP

link cpmldr[l1100]=cpmldr,ldrbios

xmodem the resulting to PC

xmodem /s

convert it to Intel hex format with offset of 0x1100

bin2hex /o0x1100 cpmldr.hex

Send cpmldr.hex to Simple80 and use monitor command 'c3' to install cpmldr.

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