Configuration with Karlab's ROM, ACIA, and CF

This consists of 8K ROM 13c by Karlab, ACIA 32b by Karlab, and CF board 10c by Karlab. The RC2014 bus clock is 3.68MHz so the ACIA baud is 57600. Because the ROM is only 8K, the monitor is pared down to fit. CP/M68K won't fit in the 8K ROM so it must be loaded every power cycle.



Hardware Configuration

Jumper clock T2 (3.68MHz) to T5.


Monitor software for 8K ROM board



CP/M68K essential files. This is image of gkermit.68k and init.68k for ROM drive A. Init.68k is needed to format drives B/C/D/E and CP/M68K files can be transferred using gkermit.68k

To run CP/M68K, send mbbios_tpa_40000.txt, cpm15000-010.s68, and mb020a_essential.s68, then type “go 15000”. Drive A will contain gkermit.68k and init.68k

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