Emulation of RC2014 512K RAM/ROM Board

The original RC2014 512K RAM/ROM board has 32 banks of RAM and 32 banks of ROM; each bank is 16KB in size. This modification of FRR512K emulate RC2014's 512K RAM/ROM board.



CPLD design file

Engineering Changes to Rev0 PCB




  • On the component side of rev0 PCB, cut trace from D7 to CPLD pin 19 near CPLD
  • On the solder side of rev0 PCB, cut trace from nM1 to CPLD pin 4 near the RC2014 connector
  • On the solder side of rev0 PCB, cut trace from A14 to RAM & ROM near the RC2014 connector


  • A14 to CPLD, RC2014-pin 2 to CPLD-pin4
  • Bank0 to A14 of EPROM, CPLD-pin19 to U5-pin29
  • D4 to CPLD, U5-pin18 to T4
  • D5 to CPLD, U5-pin19 to T3
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