Frugal RAM/ROM 512K for RC2014, Rev0


This is a low cost RAM/ROM 512K for RC2014. It is compatible with Wayne Warthen's ROMWBW and also includes a CF interface as well as an I2C interface. Discussion about this board can be found here: FRR512K was first prototyped with ProtoRC3. This links to the Prototype FRR512K.


  • Low cost 32-macrocell CPLD
  • 512K EPROM based on SST39SF040
  • 512K RAM based on AS6C4008
  • Compact flash interface
  • I2C interface
  • Compatible with ROMWBW


Design Information


Alternative Applications

FRR512K has been repurposed for other applications. This section describes the various alternative applications. Discussions about the repurposed applications can be found here

Second Compact Flash board

FRR512K is partially populated to serve as the second compact flash drive.

MC6850 ACIA Emulation

FRR512K's CPLD is replaced with EPM7064SLC44 that's programmed to emulate a MC6850 ACIA

Combo board for MB020

FRR512K is modified to serve serial port, ROM, compact flash drive of 68020 motherboard

Emulation of RC2014 512K ROM/RAM board

The original RC2014 512K ROM/RAM board has 32 banks of RAM and 32 banks of ROM. FRR512K can be modified to emulate RC2014's 512K RAM/ROM board.

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