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I'm an assembly-language and homebrew enthusiast from Atlanta, Georgia. I've developed systems using various different CPU architectures, including 6502, 6809, 68000, PowerPC, and i960. My favourite ISA to work with is definitely m68k/68030 with it's full 32bit independent buses.

6502 WatchComplete6502-based wearable designed to function as a clunky watch. 6502, LCD screen, BASIC Monitor.
Blitz 68030Mostly Complete, on hiatus32-bit 68030 based board with an ISA bus, 64MB DRAM, 2MB SRAM, floppy IDE, PS/2 keyboard. Micro-ATX form factor. Runs custom OS can run latest Linux kernel.
VermillionIn-Progress6309 based system with 512KB bank switching memory, shared-bus VIC-I video generator, floppy IDE.
CeladonIn-ProgressIntel 80960 based SBC with 1MB SRAM, FPGA bus controller. Will eventually run G-DOS.
AmaranthIn-ProgressPowerPC PPC603e based system with VGA graphics. Linux capable.
DiapasonMostly CompleteA m68000 SBC with a custom VGA graphics system. FPGA is programmed in portable verilog.

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