I arranged a bulk purchase of PC boards and programmed CPLD's and PIC's / Parts for Tauntek's Z80 In Circuit Emulator.

Please note that this project is entirely the work of R. Grieb @ Tauntek. The designer of this project was kind enough to make the construction files available for use. My only contribution was converting the PCB files from Express-PCB format to standard Gerber files with solder mask and silk screening to make for a cleaner construction, and sourcing/programming the CPLD and PIC.

Tauntek's documentation for the Z80 In Circuit Emulator is at http://tauntek.com/Z80-In-Circuit-Emulator.htm

Hopefully others will enjoy this project as much as I have!

The most difficult part of this project is sourcing and programming the CPLD. The parts list calls for a 10ns part, but I have found that any parts from 5 to 15ns seem to work fine at least up to a 6mhz system (I did not test any higher clock speeds). Be warned that older XC9536 parts are unrecognized by the currently available programming software and are probably not usable. These older parts have codes ASJ. Parts with AEM and AMM codes seem to work fine. XC9536XL parts also cannot be used as they are for 3.3v. Lastly make sure to watch the format as some parts out there are in PLCC or BGA encapsulation which would require revising the circuit board design.

Some additional construction notes:

Please also read and review all of the notes on the Tauntek site http://tauntek.com/Z80-In-Circuit-Emulator.htm.

The CPLD and PIC are pre-programmed. Make sure you watch the orientation (all IC's do not mount in the same direction).

Cut the board along the silk screen line before any construction. I used a band saw, but carefully scoring with a sharp blade should also work.

J1 is the Jtag connector for the CPLD, and J4 is the power connector which is only needed during programming of the CPLD. Neither needs to be installed.

R1 is not installed.

There are pads for an additional unlabeled capacitor on the underside which is not used.

There are 4 SMT 0.1uf caps (not polarized). Three are on the bottom of the board, and one is adjacent to the CPLD.

There is a single 4.7uf SMT capacitor (which is polarized) located under the Z80.

The two 22pf caps are adjacent to the crystal. The other caps (thru hole) are all 0.1uf parts. All resistors are the same value.

I'm new at SMT parts, but found the CPLD actually quite easy to connect. Just mount it before any other parts and use lots of liquid flux. There are many videos on youtube showing proper technique. The 0.1uf SMT capacitors are tiny and need some tweezers to hold while soldering. They also have a tendency to go flying, so work over a surface where you can find them again.

Board has a direct header to plug into the Z80 socket. A separate DIP header with short ribbon cable can also be used but may limit the maximum clock speed.



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