The S-100 V2 board uses an Atmel AT1508 CPLD, which can be programmed with the ATDH1150USB “cable” from Kanda

Unfortunately John uses a different programmer from Rockford, and has a 6 pin connector instead of the more standard JTAG-A.

I made up a small adapter to simplify the connection.

I included a small LED (use a 1K resistor) to indicate when the board is receiving power from the 80386 board.

I couldn't locate a 2×3 pin IDC connector, so used a 2×5 pin connector. I use pins 5-10 and just let pins 1-4 dangle over the edge. This way it doesn't bump into the card ejector.

Just be careful making sure you have pin 1 oriented correctly.

I'd suggest you plug the adapter into the S-100 board first and make sure the LED lights up.

The files are shared at OSHPARK:

Or you can download the Gerber files here:

Cost is $5.55 for 3 bare pc boards fabricated and shipped.

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