Realtime Clock / Compact Flash Adapter


This is an adapter to be used with the C02 Pocket SBC. It plugs into the SBC via a 30-pin ribbon cable.

The adapter provides a Maxim DS1511Y Realtime Clock and a Compact Flash adapter configure for True IDE mode. It also provides a 16-bit data path to and from the CF Card.

It uses a single 32-byte wide I/O select and an Atmel ATF16V8 PLD to provide all decoding for the DS1511Y chip select, the pair of CF-Card chip selects (IDE mode) and the 4-control lines for the 8-bit bidirectional latch pair that provide a 16-bit data port to the CF-Card.

Interrupts for both the CF Card and RTC are provided. The current C02 Pocket SBC BIOS version 3.04 supports detection and configuration of the adapter. Note that only the CF Card interrupt is currently used.

The BIOS supports 24-bit LBA addressing (8GB maximum) for the CF Card. It has been tested with multiple SanDisk CF Cards and an IBM 340MB Microdrive and works well. I've also ported the latest ROM version of Richard Leary's DOS/65 and have this running on the board set (C02 Pocket SBC and RTC/CF Card Adapter).

Hardware Documentation

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Build Information

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Builder's Notes/Comments

Assembly is straightforward. I suggest soldering the Compact Flash socket first, then triple-check to ensure there are no shorts or suspect solder joints. Once this has been verified, just solder in parts from the lowest in height upwards. I also suggest de-fluxing the PCB when completed.

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