C02 Pocket SBC Information

The C02 Pocket SBC was created to provide a good performing 65C02 pocket-sized portable computer. The PCB is based ExpressPCB's MiniBoard Pro format, which is 3.8“ x 2.5” and is a 4-layer board with a top silk screen. The C02 Pocket is small enough to fit it your shirt pocket and can be used with any modern computer that has a USB port, which is used as a console. It does require a dedicated 5-volt DC supply. Note that this can be powered from a USB port as well, but a separate connector would be required.

Hardware Configuration:

WDC W65C02S processor running at 6MHz

Alliance 32KB 70ns Static RAM

Atmel 28C256 32KB 70ns EEPROM

NXP/Philips SCC2691 UART (limits CPU clock to 6MHz)

Atmel ATF22V10CQZ PLD for a single glue logic chip

TI 7705B Reset Supervisor - provides negative and positive Reset signals

Maxim DS-1813 Reset Supervisor - provides a NMI trigger for a Panic routine






Software Configuration:

Currently, there are three separate code components that are loaded into EEPROM:

1- C02 BIOS, which provides a JUMP table for access to the hardware

2- C02 Monitor, which provides a JUMP table for core functions and accesses the C02 BIOS via it's JUMP table

3- Enhanced Basic, which is a CMOS version of Lee Davison's 2.22 version with Klaus Dorman's patches to P5 level

EhBasic is just under 10KB and is loaded at $B000 in EEPROM

C02Monitor is less than 6KB and is loaded at $E000 in EEPROM

C02BIOS is less than 2KB and is loaded at $F800 in EEPROM

Note that hardware I/O is located at $FE00 and consists of 5- I/O selects, each at 32 bytes wide. 1- I/O select is for the SCC2691 and the other 4- I/O selects are available via the 30-pin I/O Expansion Connector.



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