EuroCard Bus (ECB) Boards

Board / Component Stock Price Order Contact Notes
Cassette Interface $20
Disk I/O V3 20 $10 Todd Goodman
Prop I/O V2 20 $20 Wayne Warthen
ECB Backplane (8 slot) 24
$20 John Coffman
Rich Cini
167mm version
co-stocked for mini-68k
ECB Mini Backplane (3 slot) 20 $5 Will SowerbuttsBoard information page
SBC V2 0 $20
SBC-188 0 $20 Todd Goodman
4MEM $20
Prototyping Board III 8
$15 Ewout Ros
John Coffman
A new production run has arrived
Zilog Peripherals $20
SCG $20
ECB Bus Monitor 20 $20 Todd Goodman
MSX Cartridge reader $20
DSKY V2 $20
VDU $20
ECB RAM-Floppy R11 0 $24 Wolfgang KabatzkeR13 with GAL currently in development. Design is finished, but no production and test
ECB 4PIO R03 0 $24 Wolfgang KabatzkeR03 is redesign of R02 with jumpers, no DIP-switches, and optimized Look-ahead-carry-logic, not tested yet
ECB ModPrn R03 0 $24 Wolfgang KabatzkeR02 actual in test, R03 is redesign of R02 with jumpers, no DIP-switches and error correction (+5V and GND on 74LS27) and SUB-D9 male connectors like PC
ECB MF/PIC (68K Multifunction) 21
Rich Cini
John Coffman
v3.1-007 (silk screen change only). Includes National Semiconductor PIC chip with purchase.
John co-stocks board for the KISS-68030 project.
ECB Dual IDE with FDC 10 $20 Rich Ciniv2.0-006
ECB A/D-I/O 4 $20 Rich Ciniv1.0-001
ECB Bus Extender $20
uPD7220 V2 $20
ECB Extended Backplane (12 slot) $20
ECB Advanced Prototyping board $20
N8VEM Mini SBC v8 $20
ECB Mini-68K 11 $20 Rich Ciniv2.0-007; requires MF/PIC board to operate.
ColorVDU V2 14 $20 Wayne Warthen
ECB VGA3 1 $25 John Coffman4-layer board; 1st production run on order 5/29 – due mid-June
N8 Home Computer (ECB HC3v2) 4 $20 Todd Goodman
ECB Dual SD Card 12 $20 John Coffman
ECB Z180 SBC Mark IV (4-layer) 5 $25 John Coffmansingle board computer w/ IDE8 & SDcard
ECB 12-slot Backplane for Siemens 6508 chassis or stand-alone 0 $35 John Coffmancontact me if you want the Gerber files to manufacture this board
ECB MC68030 CPU & memory 10 $25 John Coffmanrequires MF/PIC board
ECB 4UART-USB 13 $20 John Coffman
ECB USB FIFO 5 $6 Will SowerbuttsBoard information page
ECB 6x0x-ATX-6U 0 $20 Andrew BinghamMay do another run if there is interest.
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