Z-Berry is the smallest Z80 based computer ever built.

Original Z80 CPU, modern RAM and ROM with 74xxx discrete logic ICs.

Right place to discover Z-Berry https://sites.google.com/view/zberry


Z80 CPU running at 10MHz (20MHz possible)

32kB ROM

512kB RAM

microSD card storage

1 output full 8 bit-port

1 input full 8-bit port

3 independent input pins

4 independent output pins

serial interface (57 600 Bd)

I2C bus

SPI bus

PS/2 keyboard connector


software driven LED

reset button

connector with almost full Z80 bus

5V powered via micro-USB connector

pluggable daughter board with real-time clock or OLED display

total 17 IC chips

two layers PCB

credit card sized (85x56mm)

fits Raspberry Pi cases (but only a few of them fits perfectly)

firmware with SD card support

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