Tiny68K, 68000 SBC, Rev 2

This page only contains updated information specific to rev 2 pc board. For general description of Tiny68K, please refer to this page.


Tiny68K is a high-performance yet low-cost single board computer based on the Motorola 68000. Revision 2 of Tiny68K has the following changes:

  • The Compact Flash interface of rev 1 is marginal. It may not work with faster CF drives due to ground noises generated by faster CF drives. Rev 2 design added isolation resistors to the data line, RC circuitry to the nIORD control line, and pull up resistors to the upper half of the 16-bit data line
  • A 'warm boot' button is added that will generate a non-maskable interrupt to the 68000 when pressed.
  • Add a real-time clock based on DS1302 that is backed up with a super capacitor.

Figure below shows an assembled rev 2 Tiny68K with annotations showing the changes from rev1 design.


Rev 2 Design Files

schematic, the schematic and board layout tools are IVEX's WinBoard and WinDraft (ver 2.05)

gerber photo plots, pc boards were manufactured by SeeedStudio

Part list

Altera EPM7128 design files. Designs are created in Quartus 8.1, should be compatible with later version of Quartus. Designs are entirely in schematics. Schematic in PDF format. Programming binary in .pof format.

Tiny68K Monitor debugger. The software is developed in the EASy68K tool chain. File with .bin extension is the programming binary for serial EEPROM programmer (CH341).

Board build procedures

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