Build procedure for Tiny68K bare pc board

Note: This page is for reference. This is not the build instruction for Tiny68k kits that were shipped. Refer to kit 2 instruction.

  1. Solder the Altera EPM7128 with a fine-tip. Match pin 1 of EPM7128 (marked with a dimple) with silkscreened pin 1.
  2. Resistors R3-R9 (220 ohm), R14 (2.7K), R13 (4.7K), R16-18 (4.7K), and R10 (10K).
  3. Do not populate R11 and R15
  4. SMT filter capacitors C9-C12, C10-C12 are located at the solder side of the pc board
  5. SMT resistor R12 (27K) located at the solder side of the pc board
  6. SMT capacitors C2-3 (20pF) located at the solder side of the pc board
  7. Bypass capacitors
  8. 3.6864MHz crystal
  9. DIP8 sockets for U5 and U7
  10. 4-pin socket for the 8-16MHz oscillator, the socket can be built out of individual machined socket pins and hold in proper alignment with a 14-pin socket
  11. Solder two terminals of T1 with a jumper wire
  12. SIP resistors R1-2 (4.7K)
  13. 7-segment LED display, the decimal point is nearest to the pcb corner
  14. push button for reset
  15. MCP130 voltage supervisor
  16. 2×5 header for Altera programming header
  17. 2.5mm power jack
  18. Connect USB blaster to Altera programming header, apply 5V via the 2.5mm power jack (center is +5V, barrel is ground), program & verify the CPLD
  19. Install 2-terminal headers at T18/19, T20/21
  20. Install 68000
  21. Install 68681
  22. SIMM72 socket
  23. 6-pin header for the console serial port
  24. Program a 24C256 with boot software, install the 24C256 in U5 and install a shorting block between T18/19
  25. Install 44-pin IDE-CF module, keep the module at the same level (another word, in the same plane) as the board before soldering
  26. Power up!
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