The SBC V2 is a Zilog Z80 processor board. It's a 100x160mm board that is capable of functioning both as a standalone SBC or as attached to the ECB bus.

Previously known as the N8VEM SBC, development began in 2006 wth V1 and is currently still in development.

For most people, the SBC-V2-004 offers the most convenience and functionality.


  • 4Mhz+ Zilog Z80 CPU.
  • Up to 512Kb paged SRAM.
  • Up to 1Mb EPROM or 512Kb Flash ROM.
  • Serial Interface.
  • IDE interface.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • Onboard sound.
  • Battery backup for RTC and SRAM via super capacitor.
  • Standard ECB bus interface.
  • +5V power connector for Single Board Computer operation.
  • Reset button.
  • Status LED.

Software Support

ROMWBW BIOS featuring:

  • CP/M / ZSDOS
  • RAM & ROM disk support.
  • ROM based BASIC, FORTH and Monitor.
  • Prebuild disk images

ROMWBW Eurocard expansion board driver support:

  • VDU
  • CVDU
  • VGA3
  • Zilog Peripherals
  • Disk I/O
  • 4PIO
  • SCG
  • DSKY
  • MF-PIC

Version History

VersionDetailsKey feature
SBC V1Initial versionRuns as Single Board Computer or on Euro Card Bus.
SBC V2-003Enhanced versionBattery backed RAM support, Serial jumper options, RAM and ROM configuration options.
SBC V2-004Extended versionIDE connector, sound, Clock speed control, Super capacitor for RAM and RTC backup.
SBC V2-005In development1Mb Flash support.

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