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The SBC-V1 is the creation of Andrew Lynch. Formerly known as the N8VEM Z80 SBC after Andrews Ham radio call sign, it launched a tsunami of developments based on the Euro Card Bus (ECB) standard. Much of the initial records on development from 2006 have been lost along with all the original design files but some pictures remain and the evolution can be picked up from the April-2008 archive

Historical SBC V1 information can be found here

retired ECB SBC V1 (

Software and ROM Images (


  • Z80 CPU.
  • CP/M support.
  • 1024Kb EPROM support.
  • 512Kb RAM support.
  • 32K paged memory mapping.
  • RS232 level serial Interface.
  • Parallel port interface.
  • Can operate independently as a single board computer
  • ECB standard form factor and bus interface.
  • Reset button.
  • Real time clock with battery backup connector.
  • Power on LED.
  • Standard molex power connector.



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