SBC-386EX prototype (rev 0) Board

This board is obsolete. It was strictly used to become familiar with the 386EX processor chip.

The prototype board SBC-386EX-0


This board take several short-cuts: SRAM instead of DRAM, limited peripherals. However, it is a test bed to learn …

  1. Enabling the slot-15 I/O ports (all of the on-chip goodies); and disabling them, too.
  2. Programming the I/O and memory chip selects. (critical)
  3. Using 16-bit and 8-bit mixed ports.
  4. Accessing & programming the serial I/O port 0 at 0x03F8.
  5. Getting to the timers. Possible automatic determination of CPU clock speed.
  6. Using a new access method to get to the DS1302. Three pins on one of the parallel ports should work.
  7. Enabling & using the 387SX math co-processor.
  8. Accessing peripherals on the ECB bus; i.e., other RetroBrew boards.

DRAM, synchronous serial I/O (SSIO), and DMA will have to wait for another prototype round.

Here's the board 98% built-up, lacking only FPU & RTC crystal:


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