The CPU280 is a single-board ECB-interface computer based on the Z280 microprocessor from Zilog, designed and originally manufactured by Tilmann Reh in the early 1990's. The CPU280 runs the Z280 in the Z-BUS mode with a 16-bit data bus. 512KB, 1MB, 2MB, or 4MB of dynamic RAM can be installed. The system boots to CP/M+ from EPROM. The CPU280 was one of the very few, if not the only, hobbyist-buildable Z280 CP/M computers ever made. RBC forum member fritzeflink maintains an archive of information about the CPU280 at his site http://oldcomputers.dyndns.org/public/pub/rechner/zilog/z280/index.html.

Late in 2016, RBC forum member lowen contacted Tilmann Reh and obtained permission to have a new run of boards made. Tilmann very graciously provided the manufacturing files as well as all necessary documentation and source code to rebuild the system, and lowen was able to get a beta run of ten boards made and distributed to several beta builders. RBC forum member Wayne W developed a build setup to rebuild the EPROM images and floppy disk images and set up a github at https://github.com/wwarthen/CPU280 for distribution and development. Several boards were successfully constructed using the beta run, and lowen had another ten boards fabricated.

Hardware Documentation

Board and Schematic: :boards:sbc:cpu280:cpu280_hardware-manual_en.pdf

Manufacturing Files: :boards:sbc:cpu280:z280-e5-gerber.zip

KiCAD Files: Tilmann has not yet released the full set of design files.

Build Information

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Builder's Notes/Comments

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