S-100 Bus Boards

The tables below summarize the S-100 Bus boards designed by members of the RBC community. For details on each board, refer to its individual board page link.

S-100 Backplanes

Board NameDescription/Features
S-100 Backplane-9 V4A 9-slot S-100 Bus Backplane V4

S-100 Processor Boards

Board NameDescription/Features
S-100 6502 V2A 6502 CPU card, capable of master/slave operation

S-100 Utility Boards

Board NameDescription/Features
S-100ZFDCv1Z80 Based /Western Digital 2793 Floppy Disk Controller Board
S-100 Console IO Version 2Propeller Driven Console IO board v2
S-100 RAM&ROM v2RAM/ROM v2
S-100 MSX2 Utility v02MSX2 utitity/peripherals board
S-100 Cromemco VPU Reproduction vBCromemco VPU Reproduction vB
S-100 CompuPro System Support Reproduction vB2CompuPro System Support Reproduction vB2

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