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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Untested idea: For writes up to 512 bytes in length, ​believe you could signal ​Send Immediate, then poll for the RX_EMPTY bitand then proceed to load up to 512 bytes into the transmit FIFO without checking the RX_EMPTY bit again (using the OTIR instruction,​ or an unrolled loop of OUTIs). I believe the 1KB FIFO in the FT232H is divided into two 512-byte buffers and one is loaded with data while the other is transferred over USB, so once any space in the buffer becomes available ​you can be confident there is at least 512 bytes of space available. Again, this is untested, but could allow for very fast transmission. +also have file transfer application ​for CP/MFIFOPIPE. Drop me an email (will /at/ sowerbutts.comif you'd like to try it out.
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