ECB Prototype w/I/O Decode - Parts List

There is one PCB.

  • 1 74LS245
  • 3 74LS241
  • 1 74LS32
  • 1 74LS14
  • 6 0.1 uF filter capacitors
  • 1 22 uF filter capacitor
  • 4 3×1 jumper headers
  • 4 2×1 jumper shunts
  • 1 2×1 jumper header
  • 1 8×2 jumper header
  • 1 10×2 jumper header
  • 1 96 pin DIN 41612 male right angle (same as SBC)
  • 4 20 pin sockets
  • 2 14 pin sockets.

Basically the parts a really common and your junk box probably already has most if not all of this stuff already. One consideration is that you might want to use wire wrap sockets instead of normal solder tail sockets for the chips so you can easily access the pins on the copper side if you plan to wire wrap.

Other things that are handy are those extra deep jumper headers so you can access them on the copper side too. A bunch of extra 2×1 jumper headers will be useful too to allow wrapping of the VCC and GND wires.

I made the ECB UART board entirely without extra soldering which is pretty cool. The wire-wrapping took a fraction of the time a point to point constructed prototype normally would. I think you'll like the ECB prototyping board. It is a lot of fun!

Thanks and have a nice day!


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