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 {{:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​pic-3.0-007-kicad-2014-05-27.zip|KiCad Files pic-3.0-007-kicad-2014-05-27.zip}} {{:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​pic-3.0-007-kicad-2014-05-27.zip|KiCad Files pic-3.0-007-kicad-2014-05-27.zip}}
 +For photos of different construction options, see the [[:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​construction_options|MF-PIC Construction Options]] page
 +If you need additional serial or parallel/​IDE interfaces, you can make minor modifications to construct a [[:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​secondary|Secondary MF-PIC Board]].
 ===== Serial I/O Tutorial ===== ===== Serial I/O Tutorial =====
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 {{filelist>:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​*.*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​tableshowdate=1&​tableshowsize=1}} {{filelist>:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​*.*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​tableshowdate=1&​tableshowsize=1}}
 +For archived old board version files, see the [[:​boards:​ecb:​mf-pic:​oldversions|MF-PIC Old Versions]] page
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