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The MF/PIC board is intended to provide multiple I/O functions for Motorola MC680x0 CPU boards such as the mini-68K or KISS-68030 boards. It also supports vectored interrupts on the Z80 CPU boards, SBC v1 and v2.

The board 3.0-007 contains the following peripheral functions:

  • Programmable vectored interrupt controller using the National Semiconductor NC32202.
  • Single console serial port using the PLCC version of the TL16C550 with level shifters.
  • Battery-backed CMOS/RTC using DS1302.
  • Parallel interface using an 82C55; also supports PPIDE.

Current Version: (New) PCB Board v4.0-008 is available (Note: Update by JVM on 03-04-2021)

Hardware Documentation

Board: pic-3.0-007-brd.pdf

Schematic: pic-3.0-007-sch.pdf

Manufacturing Files:

KiCad Files

(NEW) KiCad Files (Current PCB board files)

For photos of different construction options, see the MF-PIC Construction Options page

If you need additional serial or parallel/IDE interfaces, you can make minor modifications to construct a Secondary MF-PIC Board.

Serial I/O Tutorial


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pic-3.0-007-kicad-2014-05-27.zip3.0 MiB2015/11/11 15:20
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pic-3.0-007-sch.pdf811.8 KiB2015/11/11 15:20
pic-3.1-007-mfg.zip202.7 KiB2015/11/11 15:20
pic-3.1-007-parts-list.txt6.2 KiB2015/11/11 15:20
pic-4.0-008-kicad-2019-11-18.zip9.2 MiB2021/03/02 16:17
pic-4.0-008-mfg.zip294.5 KiB2024/03/07 10:18
pic-cfg_replies.png26.6 KiB2015/11/11 15:20
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update-2015-09-22-bottom.jpg387.0 KiB2015/11/11 15:20
update-2015-09-22.txt1.2 KiB2015/11/11 15:20

For archived old board version files, see the MF-PIC Old Versions page

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