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The DSKY provides a simple low-level interface to the hardware on the RBC Z80 SBC. The user can inspect/modify ports, inspect/modify memory, execute programs, or boot the system from various ROM images or various other devices.

A complete description of the DSKY can be found in this pdf.

Hardware Documentation

Build Information

Parts List

Part Sourcing Notes

Tactile Switches @ Futurlec:

Tactile Switch Buttons @ Futurlec:

Complete Futurlec Order:

LED Displays @ Digikey:

LED driver @ Jameco:

Keypad Labels

Support Software

Video Demonstration

Builder's Notes/Comments

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ordering-tactile-switches-from-futurlec.png126.5 KiB2016/02/28 00:41
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printing_dsky-sch.pdf75.5 KiB2016/02/28 00:41
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