ECB-DMA development.

Current gerbers are here.

Current Kicad files are here.

Errata : The output of U6b pin 6 must be inverted before pin 1 of U10. i.e. the direction signal is incorrect. Updated in version 001B

Port Decoding

SW1 sets the base port address for the DMA board. Two ports are decoded for the DMA board from anywhere within the Z80 port range of 00-FFh.

Base + 0E0hDMA Chip access
Base + 1E1hRDY control signal

Note that A0 is not set on SW1 and A7-A1 are in reverse order. A binary 0 is set by a jumper. A binary 1 is set by having no jumper.

Example for setting SW1 to suit base address E0h

E0H (A7-A0) = 11100000b

Reversed (A0-A7) = 00000111b

Drop A0, (A1-A7) = 0000111b

Set all 0 positions with a (J)umper. All 1 positions are left (U)njumpered


Theory of Operation

Interrupt Logic Support.

The Z80 DMA supports interrupts. 74LS08 U1A and U1B implement the Z80 interrupt daisy chain with lookahead logic.

Board Select Logic

74LS688 provides port selection logic for 2 I/O ports and is qualified by ~M1 and ~IORQ.

The ~CE_DMA_BRD signal is generated and is used to qualify the Z80 DMA ~CE/~WAIT line and the data direction logic.

Data Direction Logic

74LS245 U10 bus transceiver controls the direction of the data bus. When the DMA board is idle the direction is “data-in”.

The data direction will switch to “data-out” if:

  • a read is made to the base port address

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