ECB Backplane 4

The purpose of this backplane design is to take advantage of the discount offered by many PCB manufacturers with 10x10cm PCB boards. It's a cut down version of A. Lynch and J. Coffman's 8-slot design and was inspired by Will Sowerbutts ECB Mini Backplane board.


  • 4 ECB Slots
  • Low cost 10x10cm format
  • Industry standard power connection
  • On/off switch with LED indicator
  • Reset connector
  • Battery backup connector
  • Additional mounting holes

Design Files R01

Parts List

R11470R 0.25w resistor
C1, C3, C5, C74220uF4.04mm Electrolytic
C2, C4, C6, C840.1uF Ceramic
D115mm LEDGreenLite-On LTL-4233 (Mouser order code 859-LTL-4233)
SW11SPDT toggle switchON-ON type, 0.185” lead spacing, 5A ratingTE Connectivity A101SYCQ04 (Mouser order code 506-A101SYCQ04)
P214-pin disk drive power connector Molex 15-24-4745 (Farnell order code 1391827)
U0, U1, U2, U34DIN 41612 Connector, Type C Socket, 96 contacts TE Connectivity 5535043-5 (Mouser order code 571-5535043-5), or 535090 which has shorter pins
JP111×2 pin header Polarized connector preferred
JP211×2 pin header





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