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ECB Mini Backplane


The ECB Mini Backplane is a backplane card for the EuroCard Bus which allows up to 3 ECB cards to be connected at one time. It features a power input, power switch, LED to indicate when power is on, and a 2-pin input header to connect a reset switch. On the reverse side of the PCB the ECB pins are labelled for quick identification and a key listing the ECB signal names is provided. The board is designed to be used either standing up or lying on its side with the backplane connectors and power switch above the ECB cards.

The PCBs are manufactured using 2.0mm thick FR4 with ENIG finish.

Bill of Materials

ComponentDescriptionExample Part
RESET2-pin 0.1“ HeaderTE Connectivity part 5-826629-0: 50 contact breakaway header strip (Farnell order code 3418388)
LEDStandard 5mm LED (20mA)Lite-On LTL-4233 (Mouser order code 859-LTL-4233)
POWER SWSPDT Toggle Switch, ON-ON type, 0.185” lead spacing, 5A ratingTE Connectivity A101SYCQ04 (Mouser order code 506-A101SYCQ04)
POWER IN4-pin disk drive power connectorMolex 15-24-4745 (Farnell order code 1391827)
U1, U2, U3DIN 41612 Connector, Type C Socket, 96 contactsTE Connectivity 5535043-5 (Mouser order code 571-5535043-5)
C1, C2, C6, C7Capacitor with 0.2“ lead spacing, under 10mm diameter, under 12mm height (Builder's choice)
Panasonic 6SEPC560MX (good diameter, lead spacing is a bit narrow but fits with some “encouragement”, very low ESR)

Panasonic EEUFR1E331B (untested but looks to be a good choice)

10uF or greater MLCC
R1470 ohm 0.25W resistorMulticomp MCF 0.25W 470R (Farnell order code 9339531)

Notes on Construction

Make sure you fit the ECB sockets the correct way round! See the photographs if unsure. Ensure any electrolytic capacitors are fitted with the correct polarity (marked on the board). The power switch is optional and can be omitted simply by fitting a (reasonably thick) wire jumper in its place.



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