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Projects in Development

This section is mainly for boards that meet one or all of the following criteria:

Or for software projects that are 'alpha' quality and may require significant work on the part of a user to build/run.


Project Name/Wiki Link DescriptionProject Status Last Update Date
Linux SBC/Derpy 3-phase development of a home brew
Linux-capable 486 board with OPTi AT chipset
In work 3/4/2017
Gryphon/Original Motorola 68030 SBC (1st generation)Complete
Gryphon/Xagdin Motorola 68030 SBC (2nd generation) Complete
Gryphon/Jackalope Motorola 68030 SBC (3rd generation) In work
8086 Maximum Mode SBC Intel 8086 SBC → Multibus-like board set In work